Sociarati Media is owned and managed by Michael Katz, a true veteran in the online marketing arena.

Michael’s extensive background in online marketing has covered the world of online gaming spanning a period of nine years. But his true passion came to light two years ago with the rise of social media. As a former VP of Business Development for a Facebook Preferred Development Company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Michael has touched the very core of social media and discovered the secrets that make social media so successful.

Michael has endeavored to know what makes social media work for businesses and to fully understand the psychology of the social consumer. When he is not advising clients on their social media strategy he can be found writing about Social Media innovations at CommerceOnFacebook.Com.

Foucusing his experience on social media user acquisition, contact us now to find out how Sociarati Media can increase exposure for your business and acquire users and players for your social application.

In addition to advising and executing Social Media strategies, Michael is also an accomplished speaker and has traveled across most of the world to share his knowledge in a public arena.

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